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陆逊梯卡华宏(东莞)眼镜有限公司招聘CAD Engineer (Product Designer)

2014-09-11 CAD教育网
CAD Engineer (Product Designer)
职位职能:  技术研发工程师  工程/机械绘图员
-Job to do: new frame structure design
-Software: Familiar for ProE (familiar UG also is ok) and AutoCAD
-English: CET-4, oral English (able to speak)
-Experience: 3 years above structure design (priority for the people from frame factory)

Luxottica is a Global leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of fashion, luxury, sport and performance eyewear. House band include Ray-ban, one of the world’s best-known sun brands , Oakley, sponsor of 2008 and 2012 Olympic Game, Vogue, Persol, . And the license brand include Bvlgari, Burberry, Armani, Channel, Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, Tiffany, Versace , Coach .Due to the strong growth enjoyed throughout 2012 ,total net sales reach a record Euro 7.2 billion, net income increased to Euro 452.3 million and headcount reached to 65,000 employees. Established in 1997 in Dong guan, Guangdong province, Luxottica Tristar(Dongguan) Optical Co., Ltd is Luxottica Group only production base in China for eyewear products. In 2002, Luxottica Tristar became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Luxottica Group with independent management, and is the first oversees factory of the group. With a registered capital of US Dollar 96,000,000, and head count reached to 8,500 employees. With more than 10 year’s development, the company has become the most important centre for R&D, design, production and logistics distribution of Luxottica Group.
As an employee of Tristar, you can enjoy these benefits as below:
1、 跨国文化的工作环境
Cross-culture working environment
2、 竞争力的薪酬和绩效奖金
Competitive payment system and performance reward policy
3、 完善的职业生涯发展通道和内部晋升机制
Complete career development channel and internal promotion system
4、 意大利和美国培训机会
The chance of further trained in Italy and America
5、 各种员工激励措施,特殊项目阶段性奖励,内部推荐奖励等
Various incentive measures such as internal reward for some special project, reward for internal talent recommendation etc
6、 优厚的福利:社保、商业保险、住房公积金、免费食宿、福利超市、年度旅游、上下班车及东莞市区购物旅游专线,并设有舞厅、体育公园等供员工休闲的设施
Favorable welfare system: social insurance, commercial insurance, house fund, free accommodation and food, welfare shopping market , annual travel, regular bus and special express for shopping and travel every weekend. Moreover dancing hall, sports park and other living facilities are supplied for employees’ convenience and entertainment
7、 丰富的企业文化活动:生日会、迎新会、鹊桥会、拍卖会、游园会及各类体育比赛等
Fun activities birthday party, welcome party for new employees , blind dating party, auction gala party and various sports events
8、 EAP(员工帮助计划)和内部咨询师专业心理咨询服务 EA
P: Emphasizing the mental wellbeing of employees and supply psychology consultancy for all employees in need

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