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瑷誓企业管理咨询(上海)有限公司招聘CAD Designer(职位编号:ABA8027)

2014-09-18 CAD教育网
CAD Designer(职位编号:ABA8027)
职位职能:  建筑制图/模型/渲染  
-Archibat HR Asia is seeking experienced CAD Designer specialized in Retail to for a SPECIALIST CREATIVE DESIGN AGENCY FOR THE COMMERCIAL SECTORjoin its Shanghai office.

Pro-active, precise, methodical and extremely rigourous you are an expert of Autocad with
experience in various fields such as Mass Market Retailers, Fashion stores or Shopping Malls.
Involved in the projects at the first stages your mission will be to transcribe them in the form of
technical drawings.
Connected to both Creative and Technical Department, you will guarantee the feasibility of the
concepts through technical solutions and details.
Used to work on different scale projects, you are very precise and rigorous. However your creative
sensitivity gives you the chance to find the best technical answers to support the
ideas incorporating all the contrainst of cost, manufacturing or materials.

-Requirements :
Autocad / Sketchup
Chinese speaking / English is a Plus
Knowledges in materials, manufacturing methods, process etc…
Knowledges in local Regulations and Permissions is a +

Please submit your application by applying on or by sending your resume directly to

The French recruitment company specialized in architectural, engineering, real-estate and maintenance professions. The company was founded in 1985 in Paris.

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