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佩罗系统技术咨询 Perot Systems, a Dell Company招聘Director, Business Relationship

2010-10-01 CAD教育网
Director, Business Relationship

The role of Business Relationship Management, or the Business Relationship Manager (BRM), is an emerging role in Dell Service Public Sector, Greater China. The BRM is a liaison between multiple teams and the business, especially government agencies. The BRM has significant knowledge in subject matters pertaining to both government processes and the business. The BRM is responsible to understand the business, assist in the prioritization of projects, ensure that projects align with the government and customer processes that best provides maximum return on investment, and direct operation strategy in support of the overall business strategy.

Business Relationship Management differs from Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in that BRM is an advocate for the business and government /customer processes with internal and external influences to sell solutions and keep a deal going.


Responsible (Fulfills the task independently)

§ Pre-project business solution design

§ Has relationship with internal teams

§ Has relationship with external customer and government agencies

§ Identifies opportunities for operational efficiency

§ Service Level Agreement (SLA) negotiations

§ Directs projects towards desired business strategies

Accountable (Fulfills the task by coordinating others efforts)

§ Overall solution delivery (project progress)

§ Project issue resolution

§ Develop long-range business strategies

§ Provides initial project estimates for cost-benefit analysis

Consultant (Advises on the task)

§ Participates in business relationship aspects of business-sponsored RFx's

§ Evaluate project objectives in align with government and customer processes

§ Project prioritization in align with government and customer processes

§ New business initiative analysis

Informed (Is advised on the task)

§ Gains understanding of business strategies

§ Gathers information on competitor strategies

§ Stays abreast of industry trends in the business and technology

§ Has relationship with government research agencies

Key Role Interactions

Business Partners

The BRM works with the business at several organizational levels. The BRM will work with business area teams to understand project requirements, shape the initial project request, and provide a high-level estimate of the project effort and costs used in cost-benefit analysis. The BRM will regularly report back to managing director on the status of projects.

Solution Architects

Early in the process, the BRM works with the architects to discuss potential solutions that match the business strategy with the technology strategy. The architects will also provide consulting on additional costs due to additional equipment or increased capacity requirements.

Project Managers

Early in the process, the BRM works with the PM's to discuss staffing needs, high-level timelines, and the associated cost. Throughout a project, the BRM will stay informed on the project status in order to provide business managers with regular status. Occasionally during the project, the BRM will be used in a facilitation role when an impasse between the technology team and the business team occurs.

Finance Managers

The BRM may also need to work and supply information through Finance team.

Professional Skills

The BRM needs to have subject matter expertise in both the business and relationship management. As such, this position requires the ability to understand the business sufficiently to communicate the importance of projects to multiple teams, as well as to understand the government and customer processes sufficiently to communicate the complexity in simple terms for the business, in both English and Chinese.

Master Degree is required in majors that are related to public sector such as healthcare, education and government etc.

Fluent English communication skill is a must requirement.

Additionally, attention to detail and good analytic skills are important because there are always a lot of interdependencies, and even a simple change could affect other teams and operations.

Interpersonal Skills

The BRM "straddle[s] IT and business with these key skills:

§ Communication

§ Presentation

§ Critical Thinking

§ Collaboration

Dell Perot Systems is a unit of Dell Services, a new business organization formed by the acquisition of Perot Systems by Dell. Dell Services will develop and deliver a best-in-class suite of end-to-end IT services and business solutions that reduce IT com

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